I am Mr. Torri-Good Feelings, pronounced as “Torri Good Feelings.” I'm a 2010 Amazon Kindle best selling author of a novel titled “The Leading Lady of Rap,” the author of a 2nd novel titled “The Miami Chronicles,” the owner of the trademark name, “Good Feelings” that I bought from the Federal Government, and now a self-proclaimed internet sensation. My best kept secret of it all is that I'm the cousin of a late famous actress, Esther Rolle, who portrayed Florida Evans on the 1970s television show, “Good Times.” The lines to remember are: “Perhaps,” and “Damn...damn...damn.” My road hasn't always been this easy, and as a matter of fact my journey is just beginning.

Growing up in Miami, Florida, I had hopes and dreams of being a child star. When I was a little boy I found out at a family reunion picnic that Esther Rolle and my late maternal grandmother were cousins. Ironically, I have some of the same facial bone structure as the late Esther Rolle, and the same skin complexion. Based on my research, I found out that when cousin Esther passed away in 1998, she owned 2% stock in a company called “El Toro.” Ironically, my real first name is “Torri.” Enough of the evidence.

Because I was raised in a household that involved emotional abuse, and my family didn't believe in my dreams, I struggled with demons my entire childhood, teenage years, and some of my adulthood...literally. When I was 8 years old, a woman from Cuba whose house is across the street from my mother's placed a Spanish Santeria voodoo curse of homosexuality upon me. I didn't find out until 20 years later. I'm a proud homosexual whose had 3 committed relationships with other men, so I'm a homosexual, none of it is my fault, and nothing won't change about who I am. I'm now a self-proclaimed prayer warrior whose prayed up in 20 different languages, including Spanish. I'm a Baptist, but if I meet somebody who is a member of the Illuminati, or of a different religion than myself and they want to do business, then I say, “lets do business.” Ato todos los ataques en el nombre de Jesus.

My career in entertainment began in 2003 when I did a gig with the A&E channel during the Christmas holidays as a Jennifer Lopez look-a-like's bodyguard, and was paid $900. I then tried the singing thing, and in 2007 things changed.

On February 8, 2007 I went inside the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida and found out that my idol, Anna Nicole Smith, had died. I was her biggest fan. She was my everything. There was a weird feeling inside my body as the men around me spoke about her death, and I was wearing a bunch of gold jewelry. I was grieving, but I felt something weird, as if her spirit was with me. I jumped in my car, drove to the pawn shop, pawned the gold jewelry, and drove to the Seminole Casino, next door to the Hard Rock Casino where she died, owned from the same Indian tribe as the Hard Rock Casino. I went to one of the slot machines, and as I played the slot machine, it blacked out and cut back on. The slot machine revealed that I was the winner of $7,850.78 from the Seminole Casino. The same day Anna Nicole Smith died I won a casino jackpot that allegedly included some “lucky numbers.” The most shocking part of it all is that when I viewed page 3 of Anna Nicole's autopsy, it revealed that she weighed 178 pounds when she died. Her body weight matched my casino winnings. Several things have happened since I won the money, and I'll be speaking more about the subject in my next novel, “How Anna Nicole Smith's death saved my life: My 7-year secret revealed.” I said that I wasn't writing anymore adult themed novels, and that my next set of novels would be teenage themed novels, but I feel that I owe it to Anna Nicole Smith's legacy that a now successful, surviving, gay black man acknowledges her memory. I'll reveal the reasons that I kept the secret so long when I publish the novel, if there aren't any changes of plans.

“Voice Soaps 67” is an online reality talk show that I invented in March 2014. Since I'm a writer, my initial idea was to write an actual soap opera and take it back to the 1920s when soap operas began on radio, before they began being filmed on camera, and shown on television. When I was a little boy I watched soap operas on television including: “The Young and The Restless,” “The Bold and The Beautiful,” “As The World Turns,” and “The Guiding Light.” The premise of my show is similar to an actual reality show shown on television, except there aren't any cameras, just voice. Things could change, and I could expand to the initial idea of an actual scripted voice soap opera. As of right now, I'm enjoying my non-scripted, drama filled reality talk show. It's something new, something different, and I'm just investing $39 a month with Blog Talk Radio.